Friday, March 23, 2012

Dwellers Below

So, finally time to actually show you some paintings.

The painting challenge season 2012 has started and I'm slowly starting planning what to do. So much unpainted lead to do, but have decided focusing on AD&D and my beloved dwarfs (all kind).

Today's pictures are my entry for the Brush Slave Challenge at Chaos Dwarfs Online. The 2012 version will be run in a league format, meaning you'll paint a team of 3+ miniatures and have it match up against a random drawn opponent and earn points as in any other sport league. You can however - during the hole season - replace your team with a new one - and in that way earn additional points. So, the spirit of this little "game" is to earn as many points as possible, by paint more miniatures.

My first team consist of some very old Grenadier AD&Ds. All from the #2012 Dwellers Below box set from 1980. The set consists of 8 classic AD&D monsters and has always been a symbol of where it all started - more than 30 years ago:

Grenadier: #2012 Dwellers Below 
BSL 2012 Team #1 Dwellers Below

 Intellect Devourer





Cave Fisher

Planned on doing all 8 for my first team, but I still need to paint the Yuan Ti, the Beholder and a Rust Monster - but 5 miniatures after a 3-4 month's break is better than nothing, right?

Now, on with team no. 2 :-)


  1. Lovely paint schemes! I love it when people take really old mini's and give them a bang up to date paint job, well done :)

  2. These are awesome, definitely among my favorites of yours that I've seen! Can't wait to see the rest. I did up the cave fisher and intellect devourer and posted a group shot with some other figs but mean to give them a little more treatment online. Also want to get some paint on at least the doppleganger and aspis at some point.

  3. Oh wow... those are PLUSH!
    Such nice paint on them, I'm sure they are feeling well-loved.

  4. Thanks for all your nice comments. After a long break it was quite hard doing something this old. Not sure if it's ageing or just the quality of these miniatures (remember them as rather crisp) - but the details was rather soft - and with rusty hands ... :) ... they were quite a challenge.

  5. These are fantastic and quite inspiring. When I was a kid looking at these boxes in stores (they were everywhere back in the 80's), this is how I always imagined they should look. I am going to paint up my dwellers below now !