Saturday, March 30, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: Chaotic Dwarf Painter

A few of you will probably know that I'm heavily involved in the Brush Slave Painting Challenge at the Chaos Dwarfs Online forum and I've been handing out prizes to the winners over the years.

Prizes has, till now, been Chaos Dwarf themed miniature from Titan Wargames but I have been looking for something more personal to make a proper trophy.

So with my own small miniature range and now having commissioned John Pickford doing me a few more I found it obvious asking him to do us a "Prize".

Haven't received the final piece yet, but John have kindly sent me a few pictures of the little piece.

So I'd like to present .... :

Event Special: the Brush Slave Artisan

And before you start asking ... "no" this will not be available for general sale from "Clam Minis" - but limited to the winners of the Brush Slave League @ CDO

The miniature is based on one of my Core Warriors from Set #1 but heavily converted to represent the Chaotic Painter. John did a fantastic job here adding all the nice small details to bind it all together. It's such a wonderful piece and really looking forward seeing it in person.

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