Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: Knightly Orders (part 2)

The Knightly Orders (originally poster here) from White Knight Miniatures are getting closer an actual release date.

On Facebook, these three pictures was posted during the weekend:

WK Minis: Knightly Orders - barded ponies

WK Minis: the Knights

WK Minis: Knightly Command

Look at those :-o

Excellent stuff, but I have to admite that I'm looking more forward to the themed knightly orders WK has promised us. All those feathers ... :-\ ... must have been a nightmare sculpting and will be a pain painting.

And those ponies calls for a chaotic conversion, don't they? ;-)

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  1. Chaos Dwarf Knights would be awesome.I really like WK's dwarfs such a great range with amazing variations