Thursday, August 1, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: Iron Mask Miniatures Dwarf Musketeers on Kickstarter - part 2

The Iron Mask Miniatures hasn't reached their initial goals yet, but I'm confident that they will, cause who can say "no" to these Ogres? :)

Such beauties are hard to resist, ain't they? And so many options that you probably need two sets of them ;)

The campaign has reached 80% of its goal, and to give it the final push they have just announced that every $30 backer will receive this limited-edition Dwarf in the Iron Mask figure:

The Dwarf in the Iron Mask will be limited to a production run of 200 copies. For Kickstarter backers only, each figure will be packaged with a card-sized reproduction of the Dwarf in the Iron Mask concept art, individually numbered and signed by the artist, Colin Upton.

And should the campaign be fully funded before 3th August everyone at the $59 pledge level and higher will also get the Dwarf Cardinal. So empty your pockets ladies and gentlemen, cause I'm in the need of a Cardinal :)

We might not see all the stretched goals achieved (unfortunately), but lets see if we can fund just a few of them, shall we?

Now who wouldn't like:

a King?

or Jussac?

- and it wouldn't really be a Musketeer Game without Dart Onion would it?

So, go find your credit cards and pledge here, please :-D


  1. I'm in for a set of Ogres! Now just the final 1k to get this funded!