Sunday, November 10, 2019

MM90 Painting Countdown: 7

And the "Paint-a-ton" continues. More shields have arrived and I only got 6 left to do as Red Skull (down here) is now done.

As anticipated, this one here was a real struggle. I adore the Scull Faced Marauder Chaos Dwarf - but only at a distance. I can't say if it's just my copies (got two of them) or it's the MM90/2C miniature in general but close up, this is such a blurry miniature. Both mine suffers from the same faded out/soft details, nasty mould lines and not-existing textures, Impossible to clean and I hate two-dimensional painting on not-existing details 😖

But I don't want to waste anymore time on this dude. Red Skull is now painted, base is finished, shield attached ... done. Not overly happy with the result, but he can take a back-row set - for now ....

Marauder Miniature: MM90/2C Chaos Dwarfs 

And what's next ... well first, let us see how Sjoerd tackles this one, shalle we? If he can put the sculpting tools aside for a minute, that is 😊 He' has been really busy sculpting, as all the gabs is almost filled. I can't hardly wait painting those. And with such speed, he'll be done for Christmas. Not saying what year, though 😋


  1. Well done mate, looking great. You should do a basing tutorial one day! Im still working on this chap, but in my defence have been sculpting every bit of spare time i had...

  2. I really enjoyed painting mine, you’ve done a lovely job with your version! Excited to see what Sjoerd does as well.

  3. The red skull really pops out, beautiful work!