Tuesday, April 7, 2020

2020 Painting Challenge: Vikings

And finally ... something painted 😀

Recently, I jointed a FB group called the "2020 Painting Challenge". The Challenge is to finish one mini a week each week for 2020. Can be snotling or a giant. To be called finished the figure must be based and varnished ready for gaming.
Yes, what on earth was I thinking about...! Can't hardly paint a miniature a month .... But I think, it was the: "There is a free mini for everyone who completes 52 minis in the year. I need to talk to John Pickford about it being sculpted" - posted by Jamie Loft on March 23rd. Should be motivation enough and it convinced me to give it a try😊 Yes, I am that easy 😁

So, as I'm 14 weeks behind, I need to think "bulk painting" rather than "paint individuals" - so I've decided adding "elites" to my small Viking-force.

And here they are - 6 miniatures all from Mark Sims' Crusader Miniatures range. Shield transfers are those awesome ones from "little Big Men Studios" (Gripping Beast-range).

Crusader Miniatures: Vikings Hirdmen and Command

Crusader Vikings from: DAV006, DAV011, DAV006, DAV008

DAV008 - Hirdmen Command

And here they are - ready for battle:


  1. I’ve only used the little big men transfers once but they are amazing. Those crusaders turned out great.

    1. Thank you, Ian. I really like using them: Amazing designs to be found in there range, but they need a "thick" coat of matt varnish to get rid of the sheen.