Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Master of Puppets

Today's post is actually an old piece. The 'mini-diorama' was actually meant for the 10th Golden Hat competition at the Chaos Dwarf Online forum in November 2009. But like always, I fail making deadlines,but I finished it in Marts 2010.

It's meant to represent a Chaos Dwarf and his fly creature - the great Taurus - and to be used for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. But as I had the Big Hat/Bull approach to the Chaos Dwarfs, I choose something different.

The miniature used are the awesome HM009 Azaroth the Fallen One Daemon from Heresy Miniatures and an old Citadel Chaos Zombie Dwarfs. To make the conversion work I had to sculpt the guy a new right arm. The rest is pretty much straight out of the box, really.

Here are a few more pictures:

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