Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barzach SkullSmasher

My biggest passion when it comes to 28mm miniatures is Dwarfs - I'm mad about them - especially the evil kind of dwarfs. And it really doesn't weather they are for a fantasy or Sci-fi setting.

Evil dwarfs are pretty hard to find now a day, but trough time a lot of manufacturers have tried their luck doing evil stunties. Think we all remember Citadels Chaos Dwarfs and Squarts - but also Grenadier, Ral Partha, Mirliton Miniatures, Essex Miniatures, Metal Magic, Rackham, Reaper's and a lot of others have tried it out. Through the years I've collected quite a few of these- and I'll use this blog to plug some of these great old (OOP) miniatures.

Currently available, the best ones are probably those done by the talented Sjoerd Trouwee. His miniatures was released through Twisted Tales, but when it closed down in 2008, Hasslefree Miniatures  picked them up - and they can now be found at Hasslefree Miniatures - in their Twisted Tales range. I've done quite a few of these dwarfs recently - but also some of the newer stuff Sjoerd has added to the Twisted Tales miniatures line.

Most impressive is probably the heroic looking Barzach SkullSmasher - must say, that he was the perfect miniature painting - lots of little details and tons of character.

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