Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shambling Mound

Have I been waiting for this update?

Since I first saw the greens for this model I've been so excited to put my brush to work on this guy. So this week I've spend all my hobby time painting this 'big' baby.

Otherworld Miniatures WE11 - Shambling Mound

The miniature is another old DnD Monster - a Shambling Mound - but in a new design. The miniature is made from another favourite sculptor of mine - John Pickford and is available from the fabulous Otherworld Miniatures. Must say, I have great, great respect for what Richard Scott is doing here - not only for the DnD community but also for miniature collectors and painters in general - so if you like miniatures with an old school flavour you should definitely pay him and Otherworld a visit.

Shambling Mound has been an absolute joy to paint and I can only recommend this miniature to everyone who likes painting.

Sadly, we haven't seen the sun here lately - so pictures don't do this miniature justice. Might try taking new ones - when sun is back in April 2011 :-D

So what's next? Well ..? - no idea yet :) Have a Chaos Dwarf to finish for the Golden Hat competition at CDO.  
TheBattleforge let me down here. Thought I could have a command figure (musician) from the new range - but the greens are still at the casters - so won't get here until early November - to late for the competition, I'm afraid :-(

- but other then that ... don't have a clue - but I have a Otherworld Roper and a Ral Partha Beholder starring at me - so who knows? Maybe another AD&D Monster to slap some paint on.