Wednesday, November 3, 2010

R.I.P. Rock in Peace

Leave me alone
Like a dog with a bone
Like a stone that's been thrown
Let me be on my own

Let me rock
Let me roll
Let me rock
Let me rock in peace

Well thats the words of an old AC/DC song taken from the studio album
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. The songe is called R.I.P (Rock in Peace) - and as RIP is the theme for the current painting challenge at - why not use this theme and create an - 1980's heavy rocking - evil dwarf. Made from my last Mantic Ironclad bits.

So let me take you back in time. Back to a time where real music was made :-)

Mantic Games: Dwarf Ironclad conversion

And yes, I did say something about doing an entry for the Golden Hat at CDO. This little piece was also meant to be an entry there, but things didn't turn out as planed.

And then finally (of course), a big welcome to my first two followers: Weird Chris (or should I say 'the Duke') and Kiltedyaksman. I know you guys will probably want to see something else then small evil plastic stunties - but I can assure you both, that I'll get back into painting metal DnD stuff, very soon.


  1. Nice Work Clam,

    That banner has a very Old School feel to it, takes me back to the good old days of playing Warhammer with my best friend!

    Keep up the good work, I'm an eclectic fellow who just enjoys well painted lead... oh alright... and plastic.

    Again, nice work!

  2. Thanks - and I'll let you in on a secret, I hate plastics :-D