Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mass of foul, festering corruption

Today's miniature miniature has been standing on my desk for quite a few weeks, now - as I couldn't decide how to paint it - but this weekend I decider to give him a earth colour look.

The Monster Manual describe him as being yellowish grey?- but I know of no such colour - and as I'm slightly colour blind - I wouldn't dare mixing my own :-)

So yes, another old DnD moster is now painted - and this time its a Roper. Standing upright with its six arms searching for it's favourite prey - humans.

The miniature itself is not that old. This Roper miniature is rather new. It's sculpted by the talented Mr. John Pickford earlier this year - and can be found in the wonderful Otherworld miniature range - and like every other Otherworld miniature it stays true to the artwork that can be found in the old source books for role-playing games like AD&D.

Otherworld Miniatures DM20 Roper

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