Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year

Maybe a bit belated, but December is a hectic month at the Clamshell Mansion. Wedding day December 2nd, Christmas, New Year and the birthday’s of my two sons (December 29th and December 31th) and then add the usual Christmas rush, you might have guessed that December is not a great Hobby Month for me.

But I did find a few spare hours to paint. Unfortunately I can’t show you, yet - as I did two entries for the Grenadier/Mirliton painting competition at

Not winning entries, I know (to much talent over there to stand a chance :-), but I’m quite pleased with them, nonetheless. I really like the Miniature-Heroes site. The shop is fantastic (and soon Tim (Store owner) will even be stocking Dave King's BeDerken Miniatures, too) and the forum is such a great and friendly place. And it's all about hard core old school miniatures. If you (like me) like the old s***, you really should go visit the site and perhaps even join.

You can then go over to the The Heroes 2010 section - and see if you can spot what I did. Shouldn't be that hard ;-)

Here is a link for all the entries (poll):

 – but better warn you, as you have to sign up/log in to watch them.

Se you all soon.

Happy New Year


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