Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's mine! My own, my precious

Famous words, and describes very well how I feel about today's miniature.

Why, you might ask? Because it is mine, my own, my very 'first' sculpted miniature - and it have now been turned into a beautiful little fragile metal miniature - possible by the courtesy of Mr. Andrew Coleman. Yes, the man behind Four a Miniatures have show me some great courtesy and have kindly helped me out here. At first I was just looking for a few miniatures for myself and a few friends - but Andy has offered me a chance of having it made commercial available through his store. That is one of those offers you can't refuse, right?

This miniature showed here is one of the first master casts made - but hopefully they will go into a production mould soon, so he can be all yours :-) And while waiting, why not visit his awesome miniature e-store. I'm sure you'll find something in there you like - so why not spend a minute and a few £ there - and let him know what a fantastic job he is doing.

The Master turned up here Saturday, was primed Saturday night and then painted Sunday and based yesterday. But first a little preview of the miniature master as it came:

Colour-wise, the scheme is more or less 'stolen' from Adam Skinner. Adam's Chaos dwarf - entry for Golden Demon back i 2005, is the no #1 reason for me picking up a long gone interest for Chaos/evil/vicious Dwarfs. Adam's silver winning entry made me start looking in old forgotten boxes and suddenly find myself tracking down Chaos Dwarfs at eBay.

So this is painted rather as a tribute to Adam's awesome work and for 'helping me' clarifying what direction my hobby should take.

- and here it is, then:

Four A Miniatures - Chaos Dwarf Standard Bearer

A Skull? Yes, you are right - this is a slightly converted version of the Bearer. The mastering process showed us, that the standard top was a bit fragile - and breaks off very easily. This will somehow be fixed for the production mould, of course. But for this first version its fixed with a Skull - and don't look that bad, actually.

And it ain't just finished yet - it needs an impressive banner and a shield, of course - but for this first version, I wanted to present him naked as he comes (and running out of white primer also played a small part of it). Again it will be a Adam Skinner rip off. And yes, sure, I will come back posting the finished version, here :-)

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  1. Well done mate, this looks great, fantastic work on getting the mini to the market!