Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pink Lady

This creature should have a strong resemblance of a cross between a giant green cutworm and a huge cephalopod - but as this is a 'not-Carrion Crawler' - but a "Carcass Scavenger" from the Labyrinth Lord universe - and as I know nothing about that at all - well I've painted it like I wanted to - and used the opportunity to tested a few (to me) unusual colours.

The miniature is - again - an Otherworld one - and again a miniature by talented Mr. John Pickford.

The miniature itself comes in 25 pieces. A main body part, 16 tiny little legs and 8 tentacles - so quite a puzzle putting together. But I worked it out - thanks to Wierd Chris (the Duke) and his 15 pieces of advice found here.
Followed them step by step - so yes hand primed - with Vallejo Black primer - and legs and tentacles came one very late in the process. Even the base were almost finished before they were glued on and painted :-)

But here she is (cause yes, I'm told by the sculptor himself that it's a she)- the Pink (and turquoise) Lady

Otherworld DM12b Carcass Scavenger II


And before I go, a big welcome to 'Ragna'. Glad to have you on board - hope you'll find just something interesting here.


  1. Nice work Clam, glad you found my tips helpful. Generally I don't work in an orthodox manner (which is why my painting guides are How NOT To's) but I'm glad my method worked!

    Unfortunately I now have two more of these bad boys to put together and paint... I think I'm gonna need more glue!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, Clam.

    I love your paintings, so keep posting them and you will make me happy :)

    BTW, outstanding work on that one!