Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get moving!

Pyh! - made it - but it was close this month :-)

Haven't painted anything this month and didn't. Have only just got back from my 40th birthday holiday in Spain. Had an awesome week with wife and kids down there. Sunny weather, great food - and awesome people couldn't get any better. I just love Spain.

Back now and have spend the last few rain days doing my entries for the #7 Brush Slave Challenge at Chaos Dwarfs Onlineand the monthly painting challenge at the Otherworld Miniatures Forum.

The theme for the #7 Brush Slave challenge was: "I wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley" and with national première of the Captain America-movie - so why not do my "Red Skull" miniature I picked up from What the!? Miniatures a few months ago.

What the?! - Herr Totenkopf

A fantastic miniature sculpted by sculpted by awesome Aaron Brown.

Theme for the August Painting Challenge at Otherworld's was: "The Dirty Rotten Challenge". Challenge was about doing something listed as Vermin in the Monster Manual or miniatures found in the Vermin range at the Otherworld Miniatures store.

Didn't actually have any unpainted Vermin miniatures to do - but thanks to Richard that problem was solved before leaving for Spain. Have been wanting to buy the John Pickford Leeches for ages - but always found something else and forgot buy them.

So what better excuse could I get for purchasing these little gems? And what a fine way getting back at painting Pickford's.

Otherworld Miniatures: DV5 - Giant Leeches

And speaking of John Pickford ... :-)

.. I have now - finally - found the time and moved the entire Collection Guide from here (@blogspot) to a brand new site at Wikia.com. Also found time to updated it with lots of new pictures - but still needs a bit more work. You can find the new "Collecting John Pickford Wiki" (Collection Guide) - here:


or just by using the link found on the old Collection Guide page found at the main menu at the top.

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