Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wish You Where Here!

Just a bit of fun. The Otherworld Miniature Forum is running a summer bonus challenge about taking a photograph with the caption "Wish You Were Here". To do this you had to build and/or paint something new to create a scene.

I'm not really into dioramas and scenery, but the OW forum is such a great community and as I had a few pieces laying around, I gave it a shot. So I've created this little scene from an "Egyptian Tomb". So, "Wish you where here?" :)

Otherworld Miniatures: UD9 Mummies

The little scene consist of the Otherworld Miniatures UD9 Mummies sculpt by Paul Muller, a Sarcophagus from Crocodile Games and an Egyptian Doorway from Fenris Games. The dungeon tile bases are from Fenris as well.

Here is a few more shots of the different pieces - enjoy - lol:

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  1. Very Cool Clam...excellent basing and your bandages are fantastic!