Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grab your Pickford's (part 2)

Just a minor update today, but as I was painting the Eye of Terror I for the OWC, I also painted a few more Pickford's (while waiting for glue and washes to dry :) ).

First, I painted one of those little gems I've got from John himself. The one here is called "Spiker" and is probably some Sqiug-monster-proxy for some Goblins. So obviously I gave it a rather classic paintjob, too.

Grab your Pickford's: "Spiker"

Was done as a backup for the Brush Slave Challenge at Chaos Dwarfs Online in case the Eye wasn't finished in time. A classic Squig beast but with a typical Pickford face expression.

Then I also painted another two of the Orange-green White Knight Dwarf. These two will finish of the first set of infantry.

WKminis: WKD-01B: Dwarf Core Infantry with Halberds/Poleaxes 1 - part 3

And then a shot of the entire group - all ranked up nicely on one of those Games Workshop War of the Ring Movement trays:

Really eager starting some more - so next batch is now glued and ready to start painting:

A small teaser of what to come:

A mixed unit, as I want to test a few different colour schemes. So here we have 2 crossbows, two spearmen, two pole axes and two swordsmen. Should give me the opportunity to try out at least 4 new schemes.

And speaking of Mr. Pickford ...! Richard Scott gave preview of the next awesome Pickford's the other day. Next major release will be GOBLIN WOLF RIDERS :-) So excited about them. Excellent characters and all mounted on awesome re-worked Jo Brumby wolves/dire wolves. Can't wait to to add these to my OW collection. Here is a little teaser:

And you'll find more here:

And before I go, I'll like to say welcome to the two new followers: "Hybrid Alpha" and "Jan". Glad to see you found it in here. Hope you'll be enjoying your stay.

Oh, and I almost forgot:) 21 Foundry Goblins have been added to the Wargames Foundry Wiki page. Originally not bought for actual painting, but I'm not so sure now holding them in my hands. Rather nice sculpts and ooze with character.


  1. Great looking dwarves - beatiful unit... smart thing those lotr trays... but they are to big for use in warhammer, right?

  2. Thanks, Mikkel. Like those trays but not suitable for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, I'm afraid. They fit the 25mm round ones so a 4x2 man/dwarfs unit is like 11.5cm wide.