Monday, October 10, 2011

Paint an Orc

A good friend, Martin "Player1" Blirup @ the Danish Wargaming and Miniature Painting Forum ( - came up with an idea of having forum members painting him an Orc Warhammer Army. Not really into GW Orcs (I'll leave that to my two kids), so I wasn't really that motivated, but helping out a dear friend (and the fact that he threw in some prizes as well) made me volunteer for his project.

And to my surprise there wasn't only GW miniatures to pick from. On Martin's list of miniatures there was lots of cool stuff - and even some of the beautiful Wargames Factory Renaissance Orcs (now called Ogres due to their size). Wasn't hard deciding what to pick. And what better excuse could I get, to try out some of Kev Adams wonderful sculpts?

Martin sent me three wonderful Foundry miniatures - and only gave me a very few restrictions:

Green skin
Red signature colour
Black rim bases with green sand

Finished the first one yesterday, as it's going to be entered into the painting challenge at, as well.

Wargames Foundry: Mercenary Ogres Gashonock the Retiring

Looking so much forward painting the other two I've got, but an interesting packed have showed up at my door step, so don't feel surprise if next update is about a certain dwarf and his pony :-)


  1. Wow...he is Very cool! I was unaware of this line of figures...More for the "buy" list...sigh. Excellent paint job your orc flesh tone.

  2. Thanks, Blue - but surprised hearing you didn't know the Renaissance Orcs done by Mr. Adams. Rather sure you can find them in WKs Blog - and think they are a big part of the reason for be doing Goblins.