Friday, January 18, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: Ants are coming

Otherworld Miniatures has announced their release of the Giant Ants - all done by John Pickford.

I've posted some of the greens previously, but all the 5 different ants are now ready and up for pre-ordering.

At the site you'll find them in two blisters - a pack of 3 Worker Ants and a pack of 2 Soldier Ants. The Ants are also available in a swarm pack with 16 ants in total (12 workers and 4 soldiers).

Otherworld Miniatures: DV6a - Giant Worker Ants (3)

Otherworld Miniatures: DV6b - Giant Soldier Ants (2)

All the ants are beautifully painted by Andrew Taylor. Some cool paintings on some very well sculpted miniatures. Great job, guys.

See ya' all, soon .... :-)


  1. So how many is not two many, a long term fan of them and I own zero ants

  2. Now, that's a very good question! How many ants lives in an ants' nest? :-D