Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant!

More diversions from painting Pickford's, I'm afraid!

Have spend much time laying down lately and have killed the time watching "Spartacus - blood and sand" on DVD.
And as I have lots and lots of Gladiators in my boxes - mainly those by Mark Sims and Mark Copplestone's (Foundry and Crusader Miniatures), I was tempted to paint a few of those.

Also an good excuse to try out my new Vallejo skintones.

They where fun doing, but I think they will be the last ones using the Vallejo's - not really pleased with the skin colours. So will look elsewhere for a good Mediterranean skin recipe. Suggestions are very welcome.

So here they are:

Crusader Miniatures: Gladiators

Hoplomachus, Murmillo, Dimachaerus and Thracian 

And who know, I might even have to dig up some good Gladiator rules to try them out :)


  1. These are great - nicely done. My new set of gladiator rules "Blood on the Sands" is nearing completion - these chaps would do them proud.


  2. Thanks Frank, been following you WIP and AAR on LAF - and am looking forward giving your rules a go. Looks real good and a lot of fun.