Sunday, June 16, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: Hidden Foundry's - Pig Faced Orcs

Over the years John has created lots and lots of fantasy miniatures for Wargames Foundry. Most of them we have seen - like the Goblins, Undead, Demons, Trolls - and more recently Halflings, but a few weeks ago some "hidden" pick-faced Orsc suddenly showed up at Foundry's new Fantasy eBay-store "Flyte of Fantasy"

(c) Flyte of Fantasy -

As the title says they seems to be for "Thousand Tribes". The Thousand Tribes are a warband (army list) in Foundry's new rulebook: "God of Battles" written by Jack Thornton.

In here the Thousand Tribes are described as a loose confederation of tribal people how share similar believes of animistic spirits.and ancestor worship. The Pig-faced Orcs seems rather useful as such.

These here are the first pack out of 8 packs made. Hopefully more/all will show up at "Flyte of Fantasy" as well.

Taken from the "God of Battles"-book, here's what we can await:

(c) Wargames Foundry "God of Battles", written by Jake Thornton ISBN 978-1-901543-27-8

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