Saturday, April 26, 2014

Collecting John Pickford: Dwarf Inventors/Engineers from WK Miniatures

The White Knight Miniature Imperium  have just posted a preview of their coming Dwarf Inventors/Engineers on LAF - and they are absolutely gorgeous. The level of details John has manage to put into these are amazing. Incredible work - and yet again stunned by their quality. Such a good day being a Pickford-enthusiast/collector :)

WK Minis: Dwarf inventor/engineer with Hackbut

WK Minis: Dwarf inventor/engineer, with Longdistance Sniper Handgun and Page-boy

The Long-distance Sniper Gun will also come be done with a simple gunstand as an alternative support mechanism - even more options .... White Knight is sure spoiling his customers :)


  1. They changed a little bit from the photos - a few more details were added and they were tidied up a bit.

  2. Heard that you've showed that little boy some mercy, and at least gave him some gloves :) Really looking forward seeing the finished pieces - though it will probably mean I need weapon teams for the Ewal Dvergar, I fear.

  3. He did get gloves! The items on his belt needed to have some sort of fastening as well...