Monday, August 11, 2014

Collecting John Pickford: Ewal Dvergar Crossbowmen and Infantry Command Group

Old news, some might say, but just noticed that I forgot posting pictures one here of the crisp new casts I've had made for me own little venture - the Ewal Dvergar.

Back in February, I showed you the greens of the upcoming Crossbowmen and Infantry Command - and about 6 weeks ago I finally got metal casts of what I believe are the best Dvergar I've had made, till day. I love all of the Dvergar in the range, but I'm soooo impressed with the level of details one these.

Ewal Dvergar: Crossbowmen

Ewal Dvergar: Infantry Command

Should you like following my little venture, I suggest checking the ClaMiniature-blog regulary, as it seems I forget telling about it on here :-)

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