Monday, August 11, 2014

TFF Legacy Team 2013 - Halfling Chef

I had the honour of getting a copy of the little resin Legacy Team reward Axiom/Exoditejon have had made for the participants of their annual Legacy-Team-event at The Chef and camp fire are sculpted by John Pickford (shouldn't you already have guessed that :))

Painted my copy a few months ago but yet again couldn't make up my mind regarding how to base it. Have about 50 unpainted halflings, and as I like unified bases I had to make a decision. Went for a country field look with long grass and flowers.

TFF Legacy Team 2013: Halfling Chef

And yes, there's a small change made to the camp fire. Originally it was a roast football, but for my fantasy needs a chicken is better :)

And just as I finished this, I found this here in my mail box:

A metal version of this beauty. Apparently, Axiom ended up with an empty slot in one of his Beast Face Miniatures master moulds, and had this made. What better use of an empty slot in a mould can you imagine? I just looooooove metal :)

Thanks, Jon - guess I'll have to paint a second one now - and two Chefs for a Halfling Warband ain't one too many, really :)


  1. Great looking paintjob Clam! The conversion of the ball to a roast chicken works brilliantly. I love all the basing elements - flowers, long grass - all really bring it together. Is he going to be a 'filler' model to a halfling unit, or a hanger on to your baggage train? :)

  2. He'll probably be a filler or perhaps appear as crew for a second hot pot

  3. Beautiful paint job.
    I've eaten some roast chickens that tasted like footballs.