Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dwarf Parthfinder

I've had the brushes out for the first time in ages - and rather than finishing some of the many half-painted ones standing here, I decided starting a newly cast piece - The EDX-90 Dvergr Mountaineer from my own Ewal Dvergar range.

I sculpted this miniature myself and had it cast recently. It's always special holding a newly cast miniature in your hand, you have spent hours sculpting yourself - even more weird putting your brush to it .... actually quite a scary feeling, it is...

But mission completed - and here he is - first miniature of 2017. Hope you like it :)

Clam Minis: EDX-90 Dvergr Mountaineer


  1. What an amazing miniature!
    The skis and backpack are a great addition and make him look that more characterful.
    He's very well painted too.

  2. haha...that is fantastic!! Good to see you painting again Clam! You'll have to add one of these to my order of Boar Knights when the time comes...;)