Friday, May 26, 2017

Mornegueule Brisedent

And back to fantasy and something more dear to me. Yes a chaos dwarf but not one of my own, no - this one is a bit special as this one is an event model created by the chaps on the french Oldhammer scene.
Last year (2016), they gathered together in Metz for their second event and for that occasion (in association with Bruno Galice from Via Ludibunda) they have produced a model to give all attendants on the day.

For obvious reasons, I didn't attend this event but afterwards Bruno offered the surplus off and I was lucky to secure myself a pair of these beauties.

The miniature is a conversion of a miniature already in Via Ludibunda's nice range. The base for this conversion was a dwarf miniature originally sculpted by Mark Evans, called Spiky, but a lot of work has been put into it, to set them apart. And the end-result is a magnificent little evil stunty that fits my old school collection very well.

The French Oldhammer event model: Mornegueule Brisedent

A big thank you goes out to Bruno for giving me the opportunity of getting this master piece - a fingers crossed, that we might see more stuff like this coming years.


  1. Great stuff, what a cracking mini and an awesome paint job as ever too!

  2. Excellent looking miniature, both the sculpt and paintjob are fantastic and complement each other perfectly.

  3. Nice paint !! Cheer from france :)

  4. Finally obtained this fellow just yesterday! Thank you for sharing (and for the info). :}