Sunday, April 22, 2018

MM90 Painting Countdown: 21, 20 ... (it has become a trend - lol)

I was so close, but I had to call it in at 11 pm, yesterday. Base wasn't done and light was to bad for photos anyway - but then I woke up to this - - even with a little base - but I do miss the free hand on helmet, shoulder guards and the wrecking ball itself :-P

Darn, beaten again. Sjoerd called it Friday at 11am (while I were at work). I rushed home to prep it and I had it based and primed before the day was over.

Started Saturday at the annual "Road-Day" (we are partly responsible for the upkeep of the common areas around our little road here) - but I rushed backed late afternoon, and I began painting.

Gave it a good 3 hours, but couldn't make it, before calling it in at 11 pm - but I did sent Sjoerd a WIP-shot, this morning, to show how close it was.

Due to the wreaking ball I actually named this one - and called him Mylo Cyrus (and not Miley, you son of a .....) - cause, I'd never give a guy with a ball in chain a girls name. How stupid do you think I am? So it's Mylo after our male dog, of course ;)

But I shall forgive you! :-) Here is Mylo Cyrus:

Marauder Miniatures: MM90/4b

But that's not it, cause it's almost become a tradition posting two, so why not continue this trend. I challenge Sjoerd to paint yellow, so I thought I better challenge myself doing that difficult colour a go, too. So I've painted another one from Sjoerd's earlier countdowns. His first actually.

Marauder Miniatures: MM90/5c

And then it's my turn to pick one. This time I've chosen a piece already primed and based - should give me the upper hand .... :)

I call out the MM90/3b - the Khorne guy, but I shall try not to paint him red :)

But in all fairness, cause Sjoerd is actually on a stop-and-go trip to the Netherlands (as I write this), and maybe because I'm away the next two days, I won't rush this. Don't expect seeing it painted till next Sunday.

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  1. OMG (insert American accent), i never saw the free hand on the vrappy picture that i have of the original!!! But great work on the blue mYlo! And the yellow underbite :€