Saturday, May 12, 2018

MM90 Painting Countdown: 15

This one today, is a bit of a bonus piece, as Sjoerd forgot to bring his copy with him, back into the desert. And therefore, I couldn't call him and I went with the MM90/2a (as posted yesterday), but I felt an urge to paint Mr. Umbrella (the MM90/2b) up. And he might be the reason for falling behind in the latest challenge, who knows?

But it will not happen again, and I'll be focusing on painting the MM90/3d - which Sjoerd has called  next.

 - but my poor old "Arabian" friend didn't check the national calendar. If he had, he'd had known that Friday after Ascension Day is a holiday for most, here in Denmark. So I'm on top of this one ... - but don't tell him and let him sweat a bit :-D

And back on topic. Here's Mr. Red, the

Marauder Miniatures: MM90/2b

I just love this pose here. And must have been a challenge for Aly Morrison sculpting. Difficult to get these dynamic poses right on stunty little dwarfs with short arms and no knees. But this one here is just perfect, IMO.

So, here's the Umbrella-dwarf - the MM90/2b

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  1. Great job mate! Lovely reds and gorgeous shield! I actually still need a duplicate of this one, so im eying ebay on a daily basis...