Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Collecting John Pickford: Hell's Minions on Kickstarter

Devil Inside Productions are back.

After a couple of successfully funded "Hell Awaits..."  - Kickstarter Campaigns - bring us a weird and wonderful little range of denizens of Hell (for horror or fantasy miniature games and RPGs), Devil Inside is now back, trying to fund a new range of figures, this time for Fantasy Football (*cough*Blood Bowl*cough*).

They are branded as "halflings" - but if you look closely at the tiny little players, you'll see another range demonic minions

©Devil Inside Productions

 - because, just like the campaign says, Satan has decided to send his minions to battle on the fantasy football fields around the Earth! The Hell's Minions - A Demonic Fantasy Football Team! will enter the pitch :)

Now, why is this interesting for a non-sports-gamer like me, well ...? .... I guess it piqued my interest  because of the two big guys in the back.

In the latest "Hell Awaits..." - campaign (wave 3). Devil Inside teased an upcoming Behemoth for the next wave (update #4). And presented this awesome Pickford piece:

©Devil Inside Productions

However, it seems like Behemoth has now been cloned into these two:

©Devil Inside Productions

They got John's signature all over them, don't they? So, who can say 'no' to such a pair of troll/ogre sized Pickford Monsters. I can't, that's for sure :)

The two fine gentlemen here can be found in the 'Halfling' Team + 'Ogre' Upgrade-pledge or as an individual "Behemoth pack #1" add-on option.

But that's not all. Because the campaign also offers a "Behemoth pack #2" add-on option - giving you 4 miniatures. And no, not just a dual pack - but 4 unique Behemoth models - here are their beautiful faces:

WIP pics of the additional Behemoth heads with the original one thrown in as well
 ©Devil Inside Productions

I might not be into the Fantasy Football genre, but these six chaps here will work well in any kind of fantasy gaming, I think. Give them a club and I think they are perfect for bashing someones head.

So, if you'd like to bring these to your gaming table - maybe go support the campaign. You'll find it here:


  1. Great Kickstarter but at the wrong time.

  2. Sports team figures can often be adapted for use in other settings. I have used a few old GW/Citadel blood bowl minis as veterans for general fantasy gaming. Sometimes they can be used as is; sometimes a simple change like adding a weapon helps.