Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Collecting John Pickford: If it's black, attack. If it's brown, lay down. If it's white ....

Something huge is coming :)

The Assault Group (TAG) is now live with a new Dwarf Empire Kickstarter bringing you Bear Knights mounted on HUGE bears.

Some might remember the Bear Knights from previously. Back then, they where all mounted on barded ponies, but TAG has now upgraded them and mounted them on more appropriated bears 💗

The Assault Group: Bear Knights on huge bears

The Bear knights themselves are the same but mounts are all new. And like all other Dwarf Empire new model projects the task has been put in the talented hands of Mr. John Pickford - and he have build them 4 all-different and very characterful bears - all to be added to the dwarven Empire. You can get them as two-packs incl. command figures or as stand alone bears.

You'll find the Kickstarter here

And if this one is successful and reach 2K Uncle Pete has a little John Pickford surprise sculpt for you all. I've always considered this one a bit of a mystery, but this fan-sculpted Harrig, Dwarf Wizard its sitting with Pete and apparently a Pickford piece (see Kickstarter update #3, 4th April 2022). Pete will add one of these for free, if goal is reached :)

Painted by: Jon Atter ©the Assault group

Didn't persuade me to pledge, of course - cause I'm already in for the awesome bears - that said, I could use a second one 😉

More of this here:

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