Sunday, May 15, 2011

Captain America

I've always been a big fan of Superheroes and superhero-movies - and am looking very much forward seeing Captain America.

My two kids love superheroes as well so I'm abusing this interest to introduce them to miniatures and miniature painting. I've recently picked up a few superhero look-a-likes from Reaper's and will try convert them into classic superheroes and super villains - like Ironman, Batman, Hulk and Dr. Doom.

I've also succeeded finding a few home-brewed sculpts representing true classic heroes.

One of these are this Captain America that I picked up in the US - and now have painted and entered in the monthly Brush Slave painting challenge at the Chaos Dwarf Online.

Theme here was: "Do ya punk...Do You feel lucky" - and anything with a gun was allowed. So perfect opportunity for painting Captain America:

N/A: Captain America

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