Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grab your Pickford's - Part 1

Finally home and starting to recover. Had to go through 2 operations to before the herniated disc was fully removed. It was rather difficult getting out and doctors had put my nerve (controlling my lower leg and foot) under quite some stress, so I returned home with a partly numb leg - and it's rather sore. So I've spend the last few days learning to walk and then train the numb muscles. Will take some time though, but I'm confident, that I'll regain full control of my leg.

So, as you can probably guess noting new paints to show - but why not show something of the miniatures I did just before the surgery :-)

First are my entry for the April Challenge at Otherworld Miniatures. Theme this time was 'A Bad Day to be a Guard', so used this opportunity to finish my OW Goblin Command.

OW - GB4 Goblin Command Guard

Can't get more 'Guard' than that, can it? This guy is probably the best of all the Goblins John Pickford have done for Otherworld till day.

This also means that I've complete the hole GB4 set. They came to look like this:

OW - GB4 Goblin Command

Guy on the right is missing his shield. Will have to see if I can find that.

I've purchased 2 vouchers from OW this year - and with my second purchase came a few unreleased surprises. So next miniature is one of those surprises.

Last year John Pickford did a conceptual Firenewt (MM II - monster) for Otherworld. Apparently Richard and John wasn't a 100% pleased with them, so only one was made and was never official released. But it was cast and Richard has been so friendly sending me have a copy.

OW - Unreleased Firenewt

I love it. A bit big and bulky compared to a 28mm human - and I guess that future Firenewts will be slightly smaller and more skinny.

Last miniature today is another one by John Pickford. John has been so kindly to give me insight in his early works - and have sent me some promotional and unreleased miniature he did back in the early days. Most of the stuff I got is now in the Pickford Collection Page. So, this "Grab your Pickford's" segment, will probably be a regular segment in this blog.

Grab your Pickford's: Lance-a-Little

"Lance-a-little" was originally going to be a promo model for "Gamer's Quest" but the model was never actually produced. A shame really, if you ask me - as he is a wonderful and rather characteristic little tin-goblin.

Before I leave you, I'd like to welcome two new followers Tael and Mikkel Nyboe. I'm glad to see both of you here - and hope you'll enjoy your stay. Especially honoured by you presence here, Mikkel. Always been  admiring your works and consider you as being one of the best painters in Denmark. And for those not familiar with Mikkels work, please go visit his Gurer-blog. Such an awesome and inspiring painting site.


  1. Wow Clam a lot of figures here that take me WWAAYY back...this otherworld stuff is AWESOME...that firenewt is an image burned into my memory from my youth. I also love the little gobbo with the giant lance...too funny. Keep up the excellent work friend.

  2. Really liking OW's direction lately. Quite envious of the little newt lad. Look forward to what they do go ahead with.

    As ever, great brush work, what brought me here in the first place :)

    - Tael.