Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ogre Chieftain

Sort of back painting again. It's a struggle as I can only sit down for an hour maybe an hour and a half - one or two times a day, but it's enough to actually paint a bit, so spend a few good hours doing an entry for the Otherworld Miniatures Forum's Bonus Challange.

During the UK Games Expo (that Otherworld is attending) there will be an open bonus challenge for people to enter a painted "I've Got Something You've Not Got" miniature.

Rules are quite simple for this: "paint any model released since January 2011 or paint any of the unreleased or limited edition models". Planed on painting the unreleased mimics, but felt for painting something bigger, so decided painting one of the two 2011 releases I've bought - the Ogre Chieftain. Haven't really bought that many of the 2011 releases yet - besides the Chieftain I've bought an Eye of Terror. Had quite a back log of old miniatures I've wanted - so spend my Otherworld Silver Voucher getting those. Did plan spending some of my Otherworld Gold Voucher credit this month, but took advantage of the Early Summer Sale and got myself a few more Eyes and then pre-ordered the Duergar's, of course. And why? - cause Richard will then let me have some of the unreleased large spiders. An offer I can't refuse :-)

But back to what this is all about. The painted Ogre Chieftain. Sculpted by John Pickford.

Otherworld OG4 Ogre Chieftain

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