Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Secret of the White Knight

As announced last, there would soon be even more dwarfs found here. And, I won't let the dwarf fans here down :-)

9 months ago I saw the beginning of the most interesting private dwarf project at Frothers Unite. The project was about doing multipart dwarfs in a Renaissance themed design fitting the style and scale of old dwarfs from Marauder Miniatures. I have always loved the old Marauder Miniature dwarf/Chaos Dwarf miniature line - but for me, the most interesting part was that he had commissioned Mr. John Pickford to do him a personal army.

The brain behind the project is a highly valued hobbyist White Knight. White Knight is a great asset in the miniature hobby world and is doing a fantastic job at hobby communities like Frothers Unite and Lead Adventure (and probably more).

As said, it's a personal project for White Knight, but in May he gave others a chance getting insight into his secret project - and opened up selling off some of the extra sets that has been made.

An offer I couldn't refuse - and also advertised a bit here.

If you want to learn more, you should visit the WK Miniature Imperium.

And not only an offer I couldn't refuse - but also a set of miniatures in such a style and quality that I couldn't resist start painting some of them.

So, I did these three here for the monthly painting challenge at Powerfist (a Danish Miniature Forum).

WK Dwarfs: WKD-01B: Dwarf Core Infantry with Halberds/Poleaxes 1

Such a joy painting and I'm rather sure that the last 5 of my Halberds/Poleaxes will soon get painted (Ohh, should probably have said 4 and my converted Champion :-P). Also got a set of the WKD-01A: Dwarf Core Infantry with Spears/Pikes 1- and already thinking of a colour scheme for those, so .... more dwarfs are coming, but first i have to fulfil my commitment to other painting projects.


  1. Lovely brushwork and colourscheme!

  2. Great work as always Clam. You've really been improving these last few models! Stunning!

  3. Very Nice Carsten! Love the color scheme and the highlighting is sublime! Its really fun to see everyone's versions of these wonderful figures!

  4. The WHite Knights' work is really impressive. I think I will need to purchase some of these lovely dwarfs.