Saturday, July 9, 2011

Been busy painting

Finish all the challenge and painting competition entries I had committed myself doing. Was quite a challenge and had to force it a bit to finish in time, but am - more or less - happy with the overall results.

Can't post my entry for the XV Golden Hat at Chaos Dwarf Online but go check the voting thread and see if you can't spot what I did. Rather classic and you should find lots of hints in here to make it out.

But, I can show the other entries I did, so first we have:

World of Twilight's First Painting Competition

Couldn'treally decide what to do for this. I got so many awesome Twilights I wanted to paint so had lots of ideas, but nded up doing the Knights of Relan lead by Danomar. The knights are the Fubarnii Empire elites and are excellent sculpts with lots of armoury and heavy war gear - perfect for such a challenge.

Twilight: Danomar and the Knights of Relan

Nothing spectacular, I know - but great fun ainting and really enjoy painting something other than greens, greys and browns for a change.

And if you got time, you should check out the other competition entries, here:

- and next:
The monthly challenge at Otherworld Miniatures

The challenge for June was "big 'uns" - so, anything that comes with a larger base than 25mm was allowed.
Already painted one big fellow this month (the Ogre Chieftain) so was quite 'blank' what to do. But came cross my 3 big lycanthropes and decided on doing them. Don't know why I picked all three as the had to be finish at the same time as the Knight?? - but I finished them in time - so here they are :-)

Otherworld Miniatures: WE7bWerewolf, WE7c Wereboar, WE7d Werebear

Turned out pretty much like I wanted them to - and should do me good on the table. Haven't painted that many of Matt Bickley's models before, but must say I was impressed by their quality and am certainly looking forward doing more. Think his Satyr might be next, as this months challenge is "If you go down to the woods...", so anything from the Wilderness range will be legitimate. Should be a perfect opportunity for doing him, but also got some rather nice Large Spiders I want to try out. But well have to wait and see, won't we?


  1. Great miniatures, all of them :) And I should think there's a fair chance that you will come out with a prize for some of them. As for the chaos dwarves, my guess is number 12. It's looking familiar... And I noticed you offered your standardbearer as random prize... Is it to late to enter something?:)

  2. Thanks Mikkel, and yes unfortunately it's to late for entering something for the XV Golden Hat, but always the next one, right? ;-)

    So #12 you say? Hmm, well ...! :-)

  3. Clam these look fantastic...the purple you achieved on the twilight figures is something special. And the fur texture on the weres... is sublime.

    I look forward to seeing how #12 does on the GHXV poll...