Saturday, August 11, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: White Knight Miniatures: Late Summer Release

While I've been on holiday in Portugal, White Knight Miniatures have been quite busy and will soon have next batch of Pickford Dwarfs up for purchase.

- and what an exciting set of miniatures :)

First, the long awaited, commands for the awesome pony riders light cavalry:

Two brand new bodies so you can field a group leader (with the option of two different heads, and a sword/pistol option for the right hand) and then a mucisian. In here, you'll also find a pole arm that which is an upgrade for the existing standard light cavalry. I've already build a command group from the existing range of miniature - but will certainly get these, too.

Also coming is a Sergeant for the Zweihänder elite infantry (Great weapons):

This is probably the best sculpt in the range till day. A wonderful character with lot of personality and attitude. I really hope well see more single piece characters - of this standard - for the dwarf range.

Last we have something rather weird. Not real sure what the WK team have been drinking/smoking when the came up with the idea with these RUBBER DUCKS!

Absolutely no idea what to use them for, but still "must haves". So weird, but also so wonderful.

And while you're visting WK Miniatures why not check out the next Goblin release? Certainly worth a look, too. This Kev Adams Range is really take a turn in my direction now. Especially the new Morion-helmet heads makes the Gobbo range so much more tasty (IMO).


  1. Yeah great stuff all around...and its going to stretch my slim budget! Love the ducks...must have them.


  2. nowt wrong with them ducks - if you think they are odd, wait until you see what is in the next Hors serie batch...

  3. Now I'm thinking about it, I think I actually already know. Very disturbing, very disturbing indeed :)

  4. I want an Award! Award, Award!

  5. No you don't. Awards are only a publicity gimmick, you know? :)

  6. Well, Reaper got an Award for theirs.

  7. Says more about the people that voted, than the miniatures that actually won it. And sorry for saying this, but who gives a damn about their sculpted Robin Hood hamsters - or Easter eggs bunnies? TGN has no sense for quality ;-)