Thursday, August 23, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Footballing Beastmen by Beast Face Miniatures

Not John's usual genre, but certainly worth a mentioning here.

"Axiom"/"Exoditejon", the guy behind the Gaming Cantina event miniatures (like the Bodyguard Lizard Centaur and Howling Banshee), has started his own little venture into the mysterious Fantasy Football Miniature World. A venture named: Beast Face Miniatures.

The project is still very much WIP, but he has just given a first pre-view of his coming Footballing Beastmen sculpted by John.

These here are the set #1 miniatures and this first set includes a Beastman Thrower, a Blitzer and a Lineman. These three here are the first of a planned set of six. After mastering, these will be basis for a converted set no. 2.

The miniatures are based on some cool artwork/designs by Roberto Cirillo.

It's been quite a while since we last saw John working on some prober beasts, but he certainly not forgotten how to sculpt them - just take a look at the muscular structures and the dynamic poses, I'm so impressed. And the will certainly stand out on most gaming pitches.

You can follow the project here:


  1. Yeah! those guys look suitably brutal and tough...well done John!

  2. Thanks - I think Jon is quite pleased with them - they are a bit sharper than the photos suggest, and have a few changes to the detailing.

  3. Pictures (of greens) rarely do miniatures the justice they deserve. And your brown stuff mix are especially hard photographing. However, Jon will give it a try and post some photos on the site during the weekend.