Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Zealot Miniatures Classic Demon

August has really been the month for new Pickford Sculpts - and it ain't even over yet :)

This time it's a huge Demon done for Zealot Miniatures

From their announcement 13th August 2012 about their two big releases:

"..... Secondly, the classic Demon is available in resin, sculpted by the awesome John Pickford, and standing 55mm tall! Perfect for any worshipper of dark powers or for a boss in your dungeon."

Pictures where a bit tricky to get from their Flash Player page - but here is a screen dump of the beast:

Zealot Miniatures: Classic Demon

Another great example of how to sculpt skin and muscular structures. Looks real good, but guess that many people will now come asking ask for a winged variant.


  1. There might be an armoured or winged version, depending on sales. The price point seems remarkably sensible in the current world of resin models!

  2. Great looking mini. Great effort on capturing this image for your blog. :)