Monday, April 10, 2017

Arnórr - Evil berserker

I'm really enjoying painting with my new Rosemary & Co, Pure Kolinsky, Series 33 brushes and I have also put paint to Arnórr, the Ewal Beserkr - an evil warrior John Pickford have sculpted for my range of Ewal creatures.

Arnórr is sculpted in a true old school style and I love his heroic proportions and straighten looks a lot. And it wouldn't be a Pickford-miniature without signature demonic faces on it. John managed to fit 6 of them on this small guy - Impressive - and mad it even more fun painting :)

John did me 3 heads for this one. I went for the Spatan styled helmet on this one, but tempted to try do all 3.

Clam Mini: Arnórr, Ewal Beserkr

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