Monday, April 17, 2017

Finally, the Ass Cannon got painted

I've been wanting to do in a loooooooong time, but I also know very well how these kind of projects tends to drain my (hobby) energy. But I got through it and I'm still enjoying painting :) My Demon Cannon from Old School Miniatures by John Pickford is done.

Short after receiving my prototype copy I started building him a scenic base, but for a long time its been sitting here unpainted starring at me (or rather point his rears at me) like this.

However, with the new-found energy for painting (mainly due to new glasses and a set of Rosemary & Co.Series 33 brushes) I've finally begun painting this huge piece. Those following me on facebook would have seen a few VIPs of the thing, but now it's all finished I shall reveal it on here, first.

So here it is (and I apologies for the huge amount of pictures, but I am actually rather proud of this one - and I might have been a bit over-enthusiastic when I brought out the camera) and I'll give you a photo-tour around the scenic piece and after that, a few individual shots of the five miniatures..

Old School Miniatures: Demonic Cannon

First the diorama as a whole

And then a few zoomed in details




Master Engineer
Master Engineers controlling the situation at safe distance

Grey Crow

Loose Cannon Ball
Trophy rack

And last, shots of the stunning individual models:


  1. Hilarious and at the same time oh so we'll painted and posed.

  2. What he said,
    probably one of the best ideas ever sculpted! ^^

    Really cool and striking paintjob!

  3. Quiote simply brilliant. Great job all round!

  4. Thank you for your nice comments, gentlemen.

  5. Thank You for bringing that fine ass to daylight ;-)

  6. Fantastic work - I love all the characterful additions to the excellent scenic base. Thanks for sharing it!