Friday, June 9, 2017

Ask not what your dwarf-hold can do for you, but ....

When going through the lead pile I found this Dwarf Wizard - but judged on the pose he seems more like a missionary, town speaker or even an agitator.

So in these times of great fear, mistrust and isolation I found it most appropriated doing him as an agitator call the world to order.

You can almost hear him say: "My fellow Dwarves, ask not what your dwarf hold can do for you, ask what you can do for our mountains, our sea, our air and the inhabitants of our world".

Unknown: Dwarf Agitator/Wizard

And yes, this agitator bears great resemblance to another unknown dwarf I did back in 2011, but this one is slightly different, though - but his origin as mysterious :)


  1. He also looks a bit like and illusionist of con-artist, showing off at a local market.

    Lovely work, from the dwarf to the barrel with it's step up.

  2. This guy?