Saturday, June 10, 2017

Maggie, Leader of the Miner's Guild

As I've been afraid of being accused of interfering with the election process in a sovereign state, vote manipulations, misinforming the people, hacking campaigns, planting fake news or what-ever seems popular these days, I've waited posting this till after the Brit's have had their General Election. It's done and dusted. Can't comment on the result, but I'm glad to see that 69% actually cared voting

I've waited with this cause I'm sitting on some news. The braking news is, Maggie is back :) Yes, I've heard that "the Bitch is dead" but I can present you with some alternative facts. She is most certainly alive. She might not be running for Parliament, no - but she has now taking the role of Leader of the Miners Guild at Mount Doom. If not in the real world, then in my alternative miniatures world. Cause my DTB-Mags has now been painted

Dear Tony Blair: DTB2 Mags

The miniature is beautifully sculpted by Bob Olley and is available from awesome Dave Woods @Dear Tony Blair-blog


  1. Wonderful painting! Love the miner's lamp. So many of the Nottingham lead belt people of today were influenced by the hell of this bitch's policies. Ooh.....I feel a rant coming on :)

  2. Fantastic figure, both a great representation of a well known politician, as a beautifully painted miniature.