Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chaos Dwarf Beast and Handler

I'm currently fighting some health issues that's keeping me away from painting much - so today's update is first an old piece (my Golden Hat XIV entry made in February). Late today, I'll post my March entry for the Otherworld Miniatures Painting Challenge.

The miniature is an conversion based on Asmodée's (Hell Dorado) Mouth of the Abyss and one of Dave King's BeDerken Dwergs - the Drahg Feeder of Crows miniature. All base on a slightly converted Micro Art Studio - 50mm square Shale base.

The idea was to create a more natural looking Lammasu/Shedu kind of beast. So less bearded human headed lion with eagle wings :-) Just a tormented winged lion beast exposed to the cruelty of an evil dwarf.

Hell Dorado Mouth of the Abyss/BeDerken Drahg Feeder of Crows

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