Sunday, March 6, 2011

Otherworld Painting Challenge: It's you

"Somehow, despite overwhelming odds, our band of plucky adventurers did not meet their doom and have escaped. Their lives however, have not been easy, plagued by constant attacks, their village raped, pillaged and burned, their every step dogged by an unseen opponent.

At long last, after many years of searching, they have finally found this shadowy villain's lair, defeated his mighty and powerful guards and now they stand before the door to his chamber, all that remains is for them to walk through the door..."

That's how the second challenge on Otherworld Miniatures Forum sounded - and I accepted the challenge right one - but didn't have the miniatures for it. So, it was time to put down my first gold voucher order at awesome Otherworld Miniatures - OW.

I wanted the little party to meat the ultimate chaotic evil - but OW don't do a Lich Lord ... yet :-)

I have a few Lich Lord's in my collection and chose the Reaper Miniature 14144: Moandain, Necropolis Warlord for this. It's an excellent sculpt done by Julie Guthrie. Nicely floating through the air and with plenty of details to challenge my skills.
To allow a single non-OW miniature in the challenge you'll have to do at least one OW as well (a fair 50-50%  rule) - so to compensate for my betrayal, I went for the Wight duo. The Wights are in a such scale that they can tone down the 'super-sized' Reaper Miniatures.

So here it is my February OW challenge entry.

Otherworld - UD7 Wights and 
Reaper Miniatures 14144: Moandain, Necropolis Warlord

Had to rush the two Wights a bit, as I only had a few nights to finish  them. For that I am sorry. Paul Muller's deserves the best , right?

And next (March) challenge is already up. This challenge is very open and is called: "Like, so Last Year" - nice and simple - paint a miniature release from OW in 2010 - so, lots to choose from. This Challenge will give me the perfect opportunity to finally paint my John Pickford Otyugh.

And speaking of John ... :) Think I'll be painting lots and lots of John's miniatures the next few months. Not only will it be the official Otherworld Miniatures - like Goblins, Ogres and the upcoming Eye of Terror or the Hasslefree stuff - but I will also find time doing a few surprises - so watch this space.

That's it for today, but before I leave you all, I'd like to welcome 'Willmark'. Glad to see you here, Mark - hope you'll enjoy the stay. Probably not that much about evil stunties, though (For those that shouldn't know Mark, I can tell, that he is our 'evil' Sith Lord (or Admin for short) at the Chaos Dwarfs Online - and do a mighty fine job :-) ).

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  1. Love the color scheme on Moandain,In fact,you've inspired me to buy this one,mainly because it seems to fit so well with OW's undead line.