Monday, March 7, 2011

My Chaos Dwarf Standard Bearer is released

I just want to share this little piece of news.

My Chaos Dwarf Standard Bearer is out from Four A Miniatures. Andrew Coleman added the little stunty to the store yesterday.

If you are into Old school Chaos Dwarfs - why not go and have a look at Four A Miniatures

- and maybe even grab yourselves a copy or two :-)

And even if you don't like him, why not take a look at Andrew's fantastic range of miniatures. So many wonderful castings in there. I spend another £30 in there, yesterday - had to get myself the newest Paul Muller's but also some of the fantastic Adam Gayford sculpts. Like these Cultists:

That, with a little conversion, will make basic for some great, great Mind Flayers.

On the shopping list was also: a sitting imp playing with a severed head, a young Cyclopes and a few of Adam's Goblins and Dwarfs - 'More lead to the lead mountain' :-D

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