Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gulguthra - Dung Eater

Gulguthra, or maybe better know as Otyughs, are terrifying creatures that lurk in heaps of dung and decay, waiting for something to disturb it. They feed on dung and wastes from other dungeon creatures but also enjoy a snack of fresh meat. So watch out - my Otyugh is here :-)

This brilliant miniature from Otherworld Miniatures was release just before Christmas, and has been standing here at my desk, primed and ready for paint in more that 2 months, now. Didn't get anywhere. Just couldn't get motivate doing it.

But then I had some help. The monthly painting challenge at the Otherworld Minatures Forums had the theme: "Like, so Last Year" - so what better than paint probably the best ever miniature made - and definitely the best of 2010, from Otherworld?

The miniature is, again, a John Pickford sculpt - and was the best one he has ever done - right until this master piece here showed up a few weeks ago:

Cause yes, Richard Scott have finally decided doing a classic Eye Tyrant. Can find words to describe who excited I am. The miniature is fantastic and was pre-ordered right after the first previews- and will hopefully show up very, very soon. And it ain't stopping here, cause Richard has asked Mr. Pickford to do a second variant - but also a conversion kit for doing an Eye of the Deep variant. So, I'll probably have to order all of them. Wife is going to kill me :-)

Enough excitement, back on topic. Where were we, akk! Otyugh ..right? And yes, pictures - you need seeing some of the pictures. So here they are my OWC entry:

OW - DM22 Otyugh

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