Sunday, November 27, 2011

Collecting John Pickford: Bugman's Dwarf High King

Lately, this blogs seems to be more about John Pickford's sculpting rather than my paintings. For that I am sorry. Short story is, my professional job is rather hectic right now - and then the surgery I had done (back in May) is still causing lots of "issues" - so if not working my ass off, I'm laying "dead" in bed :(

December and Christmas, will probably be even worse, but after that - thing should straighten out and things should get back to normal. So please have patients with me :-)

But while waiting lets have a look at what's coming:

Dwarf High King - a Bugman's Brewery Commemorative Miniature

The "Dwarf addicts" at the Bugman's Brewery internet forum have asked John to do them a miniature for their Grudge Match 2012: "War of the Beard" - a Warhammer Fantasy gaming event taking place at Warhammer World, Nottingham on February 13th and 14th 2012. Grudge Match is an event that aims to recreate one of the major, defining and nigh on apocalyptic battles in the Warhammer world involving the Dwarfs. This year, they will be recreating the War of Vengeance, or War of the Beard as it is known. A classic Warhammer conflict between the noble Elves and the stubborn Dwarfs.

The miniature is based on a miniature concept artwork done by Bugman Brewery forum-member Zachariah Bauer (aka "Baruke Splintersteel").

Concept artwork by Zachariah Bauer (see more here:

A rather detailed concept for a 28mm scaled dwarf, I would say - and I was very curious seeing what John could make out of that. A lot of WIPs have been shared at Bugman's during the process and it have been very interesting following how a naked dwarf is getting "dressed".

By courtesy of Matt (aka Alebelly_Cragfist) I'm allowed to share some of the many pictures that's been shown and commented on at Bugman's during the process of creating a true King.

The naked Dwarf!
Shrek, anyone?

Awesome Norse Dwarf!
Dragon King :-)

And here, the finished Dwarf High King on a 20x20mm base - without the Dragon Head Visor, though.

A true Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf King. Spectacular sculpt - and I'm so impressed by the amount of details transferred from artwork onto the 20mm miniature. Another excellent job by John.

This miniature are limited to the 69 community members that signed up for it - and now have shared the sculpting fee and casting costs. Each member then have had an opportunity ordering a number of additional miniatures. So, it looks like 200 miniatures will be cast for members. But to try and raise some money for the next forum miniature up till 50 copies will be sold to people interested in the miniature. Should you like one you can sign up here.

Looking so much forward getting my copy - and will post more pictures of him when he gets here, of course.

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  1. Oh man I can't wait!!! This is an amazing piece of work by Mr. Pickford! Thanks John~