Monday, November 7, 2011

Collecting John Pickford: New Goblin wolfriders and huge/giant Spiders from Otherworld Miniatures

Collecting John Pickford will be a new segment of my blog. I will start abusing my blog to plug new Pickford Miniatures I've become aware of - and stuff I've added to the Wiki-page.
Already done that when "pluging" the White Knight miniature venture, but will start doing it on a more regular basis. And "Why?", I hear you all asking? Well, because the guy is an awesome sculptor - and he deserves all the publicity he can get (so I can have even more lead for my mountain) - so it's simply just a win-win situation :-)

So, on with today's news.

Otherworld ......! cause yes, first news segment has to be about awesome, awesome Otherworld Miniatures. In November we'll see the 5th anniversary of Otherworld Miniatures and to celebrate this event Kev Adams has made a fantastic conversion kit/diorama pack to go with the first ever Otherworld Miniature - the Demon Idol done by Mr. Paul Muller. This kit will be the official 5th anniversary special, but November holds a lot of other new releases - and amongst them, the long awaited John Pickford Goblin Wolfriders. An expansion to the popular Goblins range.

John's has done a spectacular job and has created noting more than 10 different mounted Goblin's to go on - slightly converted - OW wolves/dire wolves (originally sculpted by Jo Brumby).

They come in packs of 2 core wolfriders (4 different packs), a Chieftain pack and a champion's pack - but can also be bought in a Warband pack with all 10 wolfriders.

Otherworld Miniatures: GB5-GB8 - Goblin Wolfrider I-IV

Otherworld Miniatures: GB9 - Goblin Wolfrider Chieftain

Otherworld Miniatures: GB10 - Goblin Wolfrider Champion

Otherworld Miniatures: GB11 - Goblin Wolfrider warband

But that's not all. Also out are 2 huge spiders and a giant one done by John. They will be new additions for the current range of spiders found in the Wilderness Encounters range (WE series) - started by Pedro Navarro:

Otherworld Miniatures: WE10e Huge Spider III

Otherworld Miniatures: WE10f - Huge Spider IV

Otherworld Miniatures: WE10g - Giant Spider II

All these (and quite a few miniatures by Kev Adams) are now up for pre-orders at the Otherworld Miniatures Store. The miniatures are expected to be released on the 29th November 2011.

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