Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Collecting John Pickford: A Zoat for the Gaming Cantina

Earlier this year, a good friend of mine pointed me in the direction of "Axiom" - and his gaming club "the Gaming Cantina" - as he had commissioned John doing him an event-special-miniature - a Female Howling Banshee. The miniature were for their annual event - a long time running Warhammer 40.000 Campaign called: 'Eldritch Port' - and I was very lucky geting my hands on a copy of this little beauty.

"Axiom" was so pleased with last years result that he have asked John to do the 2012 miniature as well. And has also been kind enough letting me follow the project up close and have shared all John's WIP shots, with me.

The miniature, a 40K Zoat carrying an Eldar casualty is now finished and with the courtesy of Axiom, I can now share the Work in Process shots with you:

Concept art:

This awesome piece of art is done by Jon Cave


Early WIP:


Almost there:

The finished piece:

As reason for doing a 40K Zoat, Axiom said: "Why a zoat? In the Rogue Trader Compendium Eldritch Raiders army list you could include 0-2 Zoat terror squads; Zoats were described as being the favoured mercenary choice of Eldar. Making a figure around that basis as a mercenary bodyguard seemed like a good idea."

The miniature, including the base, will be cast in resin and will be limited to 50 copies and given to the people attending the 2012 Eldritch Port-event.

The miniature has now been added to the Gaming Cantina page at the Pickford Wiki.


  1. Clam...are you getting a copy of this one? despite having no interest in 40k I would love to paint a copy of one of these...even if its in Resin!


  2. Well ..... hmm! I'm not attending the event and the miniature can - for obvious reasons - not go one general sales, so the official answer is - of course - 'no' :) But then again, I did get my hands on last years model, so perhaps a friendly soul will be willing helping me out again :)

  3. I know this is an old thread, but do you have one of these fellas laying around?

  4. Guess you mean if I have a "spare" one laying around, right? And the answer to that is: "no, I do not have a spare copy". I am the proud owner of one of these, but it's not for sale, sorry :-)

  5. Where is possible to find this miniatures?

    1. It's an event special. But he ended up, as a Blood Bowl version @Impact! Miniatures