Sunday, November 27, 2011

Collecting John Pickford: the Zweihänders (Dwarf Great Swords) from White Knight Minis - part 1

Here's another batch of awesome Pickford Dwarfs from White Knight Miniature Imperium. This time it's the first half of the elite infantry: the Zweihänders - or Great Swords, as I would call them.

Like said it's just first half, but WK couldn't sit one these any longer and just gave preview of some rather spectacular pieces.

First off, we have the Champion - as he has the biggest feather :-)

And then, what have become WK signature concept miniatures - multipart rank and file. Static, perhaps - but the poses are fantastic and with the separated head system you get a great opportunity personalizing your units. Can't wait to get my hands on these:

Last, the first two single piece casts - slightly more characterful and dynamic:

Think the last one here is my favorite and will probably be serving as my unit Captain. Really love that proud and noble look of that guy.

Looking much forward seeing second half of the unit. As for now, looks to be: a musician, a standard bearer two more dynamic single pieces dwarfs and a 3th rank and file with separate head - but who knows what happens when these 2 guys first gets started :-)

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